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Staatsloterij Nederlands
Customer service Bel : 0800 - 02 31 303 ( 20cent per minute )
Tel:  +31-68-648-5234
Fax: +31-84-438-8596
Paleisstraat 5, 2514 JA Gravenhage, Den Haag Nederlands
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The Board of Directors, members of staff and Staatloterij Netherland wishes to congratulate you on your success as the STAR PRIZE WINNER in this years Staatloterij Promotion (SLP) The late notice was due to mix up email addresses, no tickets were sold this comes with a prize of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euro (750,000) in the Staatloterij Netherland Satellite Software email selection in which e-mail addresses from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, United States, South America, UAE, are picked randomly by Software powered by the Internet through the worldwide website. Your email address was amongst those chosen this year for the Staatloterij winners and this promotion is proudly sponsored by the STAATSLOTERIJ NEDERLANDS.
The selection process was carried out through our computerized email selection system (C.E.S.S.) from a database of over a million email addresses from the World Wide Web. Your email address was attached to Euro Millions Ticket Number: 6,5,7,8,9,0,8, Reference number: 2, 11,12,13,30. With Super Star Serial Number: W, 7, 3, 6, G, Lucky Number 59, consequently won the lottery in the "A" Category Number. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of 750,000 Euros. (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros).
Please note that your Euro Mililions number falls within our European Booklet representative office in Europe as indicated in our play coupon. In View of this, your 750,000 Euros will be released to you by our accredited claims agent located in NEDERLANDS. Our European agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your winning funds as soon as you contact them.
To file for your claim, kindly fill the verification form below and send it to the accredited Claims Manager, Mr. Mark Johnson Macquarie of the claims department through email, stating your receipt of this notification. He has been mandated to offer you assistance and facilitate the urgent delivery of your prizes.
Provide our/your accredited claims agent with the information as stated below and contact via the Processing email for an urgent response:
Mrs. Sarah Van Der Heide (Secretary) For
Mr. Mark Johnson Macquarie (Claims Agent)
Tel:  +31-68-648-5234
Fax: +31-84-438-8596
Processing email:
Verification Form:
1. Full Name:
2. Age:
3. Sex:
4. Marital Status:
5. Address:
6. Draw Number Above:
7. Occupation:
8. Country of Resident:
9. Nationality:
10. Phone:
11. Fax Number:
Thanks for been part of this promotional award programm.We wish you the best of lucky as you spend your good fortune. N.B: Keep all Lotto winning information from public notice in order to avoid double claims, as any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winners will result to disqualification.
David Van Der Selier (Woordvoerder Van de Nederlandse Staatsloterij)
Paleisstraat 5 2514 JA Gravenhage, Den Haag Nederlands
Staatsloterij Nederlands

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